Carnival and Fairs

Based in La Prairie, Amusement Experts rents carnival and fair games.

We work with small and large businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and families in the area.

Location de jeux de kermesses et foire Rive-Sud de Montréal

The benchmark for carnival game rentals

Our games are appropriate for both children and adults. Spend memorable moments with loved ones while having fun! Our one-stop service simplifies everything. This option includes setting up games, providing tables and tablecloths, manning kiosks, preparing cotton candy and dismantling all equipment.

Fifty carnival and fair games to choose from

Carnival and fair games for children

Made of high-quality wood, our carnival and fair games will make your children smile and laugh. They encourage creativity when playing amongst friends. By renting games from us, you’re giving your children the chance to thrive, both physically and emotionally. As professionals, we can offer expert advice regarding the types of games that correspond best to a child’s age. Our customers are located mostly on Montreal’s South Shore but are also spread throughout the province.

Laughter and fun await!

Rates and conditions:


  • Each game costs $30
  • $5 rebate per game, for each batch of 10 games
  • Hosts are available for $15 per hour